SAGA's upgrade to DAVIS

Saga is a valued client of Licence Check Ltd and last year upgraded to DAVIS from Licence Check Portal. Here’s what Lukas Jansen van Vuuren has to say about the benefits of switching platforms.

Within seconds of seeing DAVIS, I knew upgrading would be beneficial. Not only does it look and feel much more modern but the interface is so intuitive and easy to navigate.

I was sold on DAVIS Grey Fleet instantly having previously stored grey fleet data on spreadsheets and requiring manual checks and reminders. Now all our business driver and vehicle data is in one place that is easy to access and report upon. Thanks to many checks and tasks being automated, it means that admin-time has been reduced and we’re able to manage our risk much more effectively. Risk Assessment was another key factor in switching over to DAVIS because it quickly assesses our business drivers and attributes them with a risk score."



"Of course I had concerns about changing to a completely new software solution. The fact that our existing credits and consent were carried over to DAVIS was a major plus point. The team at Licence Check were extremely supportive, in particular our main contact Joe who led the transfer - we could not be happier with the results.”

Lukas Jansen van Vuuren SAGA’s Fleet and In-House Services Manager


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